Private Label and Contract Manufacturing
We are a leading Private Label and Contract Manufacturer for some of the largest retailers and brand owners worldwide. Ensuring that we are always
up to date with the latest market trends and new product introductions, our development process is streamlined to enable speed to market, whilst paying meticulous attention to every product detail including formulation, fragrance, primary and secondary packaging, design, regulatory compliance etc.

New Product Development
Our multidisciplinary team is also highly skilled in developing new products and brand extensions, from the idea generation stage right until the products are selling off the shelf. Beginning with identifying consumer needs, we develop product concepts and build the formula and packaging specifications. Offering an end-to-end service, we will also efficiently source the inputs on your behalf, manufacture to the highest quality standards, and ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements specific to your market.

Emilia Cosmetics is one of the largest manufacturers of Private Label/Contract Manufacturing health and beauty products in the world. We offer a comprehensive outsourcing solution for the development, production and packaging of HBC products for leading retailers and brand owners globally.

Previously known as Zohar Cosmetics, our company is owned by The Emilia Development Co., a subsidiary of  O. Feller Holdings Ltd. The group holds equity stakes in companies involved in industry, infrastructure, commerce, logistics, and real estate. Emilia Cosmetics also operates a US subsidiary, Emilia Personal Care, which acts as a sales, marketing and distribution arm in the North American market, servicing most of the top 10 US retailers with National Brand Equivalent private label products.

A public company, Emilia Development is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (EMDV). Emilia also invests and manages real estate interests in North America.

Founded in 1981, our production facility was established by leading pharmaceutical company Agis to service the product development and production needs of local leading health and beauty brands. Shortly afterwards, the Careline brand was launched and remains Israel’s leading HBC brand to this day.
The company grew both organically and by acquisition. In 1997 NECA (a leading producer of bar soaps and toiletries) was purchased, followed by the acquisition in 2003 of Natural Formula one of the leading hair care brands in the market.
Agis was eventually merged with leading US generic drug producer Perrigo in 2004, who capitalized on their rich experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and regulation to transform the plant into a state of the art pharmaceutical grade production facility. As a leader in private label OTC, Perrigo focused on developing NBE cosmetic products for their existing client base, with a specific focus on skin and face care, and advanced anti-aging formulations.
In Nov 2010, Perrigo decided to exit the cosmetics business which was non-core to their operations, and sold their consumer goods division including the production facility to the Feller Group who renamed it Zohar Cosmetics. Under ownership of the Feller Group management has continued to invest in increasing production efficiency and scale, and today the plant is considered one of the most advanced comprehensive producers of private label health and beauty care in the world.
As part of a group rebranding effort, August 2013 saw the company renamed as Emilia Cosmetics ushering in a new era of focus on firmly establishing the company as a product development and production partner to leading global cosmetic brands and retailers.

In April 2014 a manufacturing company named Emilia Resources LLC, was formed in De Kalb, Mississippi. The company specializes in the production of OTC products, including Lubricants, Mother & Baby Care, Acne Treatment and more. 

Emilia operates a fully owned sales, marketing and distribution subsidiary in the US called Emilia Personal Care. Located in Dublin, OH, EPC team services national and regional retail accounts in the US and Canada, providing them with localized logistics and distribution of the entire range of products produced in our facility.

In addition to the extensive National Brand Equivalent range of skincare products that we supply to the leading North American retailers, our team in the US also works extensively on new product and concept development, taking advantage of our advanced R&D capabilities.

For more details on Emilia Personal Care, and to contact them, please visit their website.


Emilia Resources LLC is an FDA and DEA registered facility for Schedule III-V products, manufacturing a range of cream, semi-solid, liquid and suspension OTC products. Located in De Kalb, MS, the plant houses a range of vessels from 50 – 1,000 gallons and multiple manufacturing/compounding suites allowing for flexibility in scaling batch sizes to meet market needs. 

Some of our clients include:
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